Ergonomically Designed Wash Bottles

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Ergonomically Designed Wash Bottles
This new range of wash bottles from Azlon has changed in design to a round wash bottle with an integral spout. This design provides an ideal setting to allow easy filling while reducing the possibility of contamination due to contact of the inner tube with the benchtop. Additional beneficial features include:
  • Wide neck wash bottle - facilitating refilling
  • 500ml capacity -  allow extended use
  • Indelibly printed in English, French, German and Spanish -  reducing issues with labelling and label removal the multilingual labels are ideal for the modern laboratory
  • Five different bottle labels  to permit easy content identification  - Distilled Water, Acetone, Methanol, Isopropanol, Ethanol
  • All labels include the new Globally Harmonised Symbols, NFPA diamond, risk phrases and safety information
  • Fitted with colour coded one-piece PP closure that maintains it's shape during use
Azlon® Multi-lingual Round Integral wash bottle   For further information please contact
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