Dry Heat Blocks - The facts

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Dry Heat Blocks - The facts

Overview- Dry Block Heaters

Market-leading dry block heating systems combining superb temperature control and uniformity with high quality design and great versatility. Accurate, reproducible, rapid and safe dry bath heating of your samples - due to advanced temperature control combined with high quality, precision-engineered blocks providing excellent thermal contact. Applications
A source of precision temperature control for general, routing applications and sensitive analytical procedures including enzyme digestions, enzyme activity studies and nucleid acid hybridisations.   [caption id="attachment_4268" align="aligncenter" width="250"]Grant QBD Dry Blocks Grant QBD Dry Blocks[/caption]  Grant QBD/QBH Dry Block Heater The Grant QBD / QBH series are a versatile range of high quality digital dry block heating systems with excellent temperature control and a wide choice of interchangeable blocks for maximum flexibility. The outstanding performance of the QBD / QBH series is based on advanced digital temperature control combined with high quality, precision-engineered blocks providing excellent thermal contact. The result is accurate, reproducible and safe heating of your samples. There is a full range of models and options to cater for basic through to more sophisticated applications - choose from three digital systems with 1, 2 or 4 interchangeable blocks (QBD models) and one digital high-temperature system (QBH2) with 2 blocks. These are complemented by an extensive range of interchangeable heating blocks to accommodate your sample tubes - from our standard range of blocks or tailored to suit your application. In addition, for 2-block systems QBD2 and QBH2 we offer accessory blocks for accommodating microplates and microtube strips. For the complete Grant range see: http://www.camlab.co.uk/grant-qbd-digital-block-heaters-to-take-interchangeable-blocks-p13799.aspx   Techne Dri-Block Heaters [caption id="attachment_4270" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Techne DB-2A Dri-Block Heater Techne DB-2A Dri-Block Heater[/caption]  
Techne's Dri-block® heaters provide a safe, dry, constant temperature source in the laboratory. The units are particularly suitable for microbiology and clinical laboratories for incubation, boiling, inactivation, wet ashing, sample concentration, enzyme analysis and many other clinical and industrial purposes. • Very accurate temperature control • Analogue or digital control • Choice of 2, 3 or 4 block format • Wide range of interchangeable aluminium blocks • Blocks available as accessories for all applications - tubes, vials and microplates • Block extraction tool is supplied, allowing blocks to be removed easily • 3-year warranty as standard
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For more information and over 15 different types of heater visit:  www.camlab.co.uk or http://www.camlab.co.uk/labarotory-dry-blocks-and-baths-c3731.aspx
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