Double walled jacketed Duran bottles for temperature control

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Double walled jacketed Duran bottles for temperature control
The Duran Group has extended their range of wide mouth laboratory bottles by introducing two new double walled or jacketed bottles for temperature control of samples and experiments. [caption id="attachment_11619" align="aligncenter" width="253"] The new double walled GLS 80 bottles by The Duran Group[/caption] These GLS 80 bottles incorporate a jacket which can be used to circulated cooled or heated liquids, from -40 to +120°C, to control the temperature of the contents. [caption id="attachment_11621" align="alignright" width="298"]LE Ecocool Grant Pair the jacketed Duran bottle with a chilling and heating circulator like the LT Ecocool from Grant for full temperature control[/caption] This offers potential applications as a simple bioreactor for microbial or cell culture, as a thermostatic container or as a temperature-controlled reaction vessel. The GLS 80 thread allows a secure seal and more flexible alternative to open topped jacketed beakers. As well as the standard caps a range of connection systems are available for advanced use. Pair the Duran jacketed bottles with a temperature controlled circulator like the Grant LT Ecocool for accurate temperature control of cell cultures, samples or experiments. For more information follow the links above or contact us with any questions;
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