Do you need to dispense Methadone? We have the solution...

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Do you need to dispense Methadone? We have the solution...

For pharmacies and dispensing centres that need to accurately dispense the correct dose of Methadone, Camlab have the answer. The only way to dispense accurately and account for every drop is to use a bottle top dispenser that has a priming function. The two dispensers we recommend for this both have stop cocks which allow the units to be primed without loss of product, so every drop can be accounted for both pre and post dispense.


The Brand Dispensette S Analogue

Dispensette S analogue with recirculation valve (with red colour coding): For dispensing aggressive reagents, including concentrated acids such as H3PO4, H2SO4, bases like NaOH, KOH, saline solutions, as well as many organic solvents - directly from the supply bottle. Fast volume adjustment with analog slide. Simple calibration adjustment with supplied tool. A positive indicator automatically indicates adjustment from factory settings.

  • The Dispensette S is easy to dismantle for cleaning, has replaceable filling valves and is autoclavable at 121 °C.
  • The parts of the Dispensette S which are in contact with medium consists of the following high-grade materials: borosilicate glass, ceramic, platinum-iridium, ETFE, FEP and PFA. The discharge tube safety screw cap is PP.
  • Operating limits: vapor pressure max. 500 mbar, viscosity max. 500 mm2/s, temperature max. 40 °C, density max. 2.2 g/cm3.

Each Dispensette S is conformity certified and supplied with performance certificate, discharge tube, telescoping filling tube, SafetyPrime(TM) recirculation valve (optional), mounting tool and adapters of polypropylene .


Socorex Calibrex Solutae Adjustable Volume 5-50ml

Bottle top dispenser with excellent chemical resistance. The Calibrex 530 solutae is designed to dispense salt solutions and strong acids. The QR Code on the bottle top dispenser opens up the chemical compatibility chart. The new range offers permanent fluid path visibility, choice of adjustment button or slider, flow control with optional stopcock, fully autoclavable at 121C.

  • All models have an air filter port to receive a membrane filter.
  • Two year warranty.
  • This dispenser is also suitable for Methadone dispensing with the 28mm adaptor available from Camlab.

Methadone Adapter


Please check the compatibility of each product with your exact application. For more information contact us here.

For more information you can contact us using the buttons below.

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