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Laboratory balances for weighing, Top Pan, Semi Micro Analytical and Portable balances through to Moisture Analysers and Industrial Scales and Platforms.

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Sub Categories

Portable Balances

Battery operated weighing scales and balances for field use.
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18 Products in range

Semi Micro Balances

Semi-micro Balances with readability of 0.01mg or 5 decimal places (0.00001g)
Picture for category Semi Micro Balances
10 Products in range

Top Pan Balances

Top pan balances with and without windshields for medium capacity weighing up to ...more
Picture for category Top Pan Balances
23 Products in range

Analytical Balances

Analytical balances typically have a draught proof weighing chamber to allow ...more
Picture for category Analytical Balances
29 Products in range

Moisture Balances

High precision balances with built-in drying moisture analysis software for ...more
Picture for category Moisture Balances
9 Products in range

Industrial Weighing Scales

Scales and platforms for industrial use. Typically weighing in kg from a few ...more
Picture for category Industrial Weighing Scales
14 Products in range

Balance Accessories

Other items you may need for use with your balance - scoops, weighing boats, ...more
Picture for category Balance Accessories
29 Products in range

Balance Printers

Printers and accessories for balances.
Picture for category Balance Printers
6 Products in range

Weighing Tables

Specially designed tables for weighing.
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2 Products in range
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