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Automated Effluent Consent Monitoring

31 October 2012


MANTECH Systems from Camlab Ltd (Stand15/16) WWEM Conference – Telford


1 November 2012 – For Immediate Release

Automated Effluent Consent Monitoring – ‘CRACKING THE MOGDEN FORMULA’


Discharges into the sewerage system produced in the course of a trade or industry require a trade effluent consent.  Management of these consents is strictly enforced through law and is highly regulated by each UK Water Utility who use them to calculate effluent charges to each organisation using the Mogden Formula.  Understanding discharge parameters from the effluent stream is important to ensure consents are not breached as well as minimising the cost of raw material loss. 


Typical parameters that are found in trade effluent consents include pH, temperature, Ammonia, Sulphates, COD, BOD, and suspended solids.    


As UK experts in water analysis, Camlab have recently announced a new development from MANTECH that will test all of these parameters in one device by integrating the innovative PeCOD™ technology into the established MANTECH platforms.



Having a constant stream of data allows full control of outflow to comply with critical consent levels thus avoiding the risk of penalty charges, reducing the cost of waste and improving  the manufacturing process through a better understanding. 


Camlab Ltd  have successfully installed and implemented a number of these new systems  in the UK providing valuable effluent data for their customers without the need to make major changes to process controls in manufacturing to optimize effluent treatment.  Application is diverse with systems being installed in chemical manufacturing, the car industry, food and beverage and industrial producers. All customers have made operational savings as a result of the system installation with one identifying a number of major process leaks as they occurred saving over £100,000 in potentially lost product.


Come and find us on stand 15&16 at this years WWEM exhibition (Nov 7th-8th) to discuss your trade effluent management and how we can help you with the MANTECH range of systems. 

For more information on Mantech Automated Analysers please click here and for technical articles please contact Camlab Ltd, on 01954 233139 or

This allows for full effluent consent monitoring together in one platform.  Modular in design and easily expandable, this complete monitoring system can be installed in your laboratory, alongside the water treatment plant via ‘At-line’™ or directly into the effluent stream. This proven MANTECH technology is completely software driven allowing for auto calibration and automated QC checks for all parameters ensuring accurate and precise results with a complete audit trail.

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Editor Notes:

Camlab is one of the UK's leading scientific suppliers, with 58 years' experience in the laboratory market place. Already UK market leader in Water Testing Camlab has recently expanded its portfolio of products and markets with the acquisition of LabSales and Patterson Scientific.  Camlab offers a large range of laboratory and water brands as well its own manufactured chemicals, instruments and plastics.


Camlab operates its own manufacturer-trained in house service organisation to ensure complete product lifetime care.


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