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Vacuum, diaphragm and liquid transfer pumps for all applications including movement of gases and liquids, filtration, dessication and drying and dispensing liquids from barrels and containers.
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Liquid Pumps and Aspirators

Electronic pumps for the transfer or dosing of liquids, or for the aspiration of ...more
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Manual Vacuum Pumps and Liquid Transfer Pumps

A range of manual pumps, powered by hand or foot, barrel pumps and water jet ...more
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21 Products in range

Peristaltic Pumps

A range of Peristaltic Pumps from KD Scientific
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Small Laboratory Vacuum Pumps

Smaller electronic vacuum pumps for general and everyday use in the lab, such as ...more
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Spares and Accessories for Pumps

Spare parts, accessories and service kits for the range of vacuum, diaphragm and ...more
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Vacuum Systems

When application of a precise vacuum or very low vacuum is required in ...more
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