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Masks and Respirators

Masks to protect from odours, dust and microbes as well as vapour respirators.

Choose from;

  • Disposable respirators - for 1 shift (~12 hours) protection
  • Reusable respirators - for longer term protection, with replaceable filters
  • Powered Air respirators - for those who cannot achieve a good fit with a disposable or reusable respirator (e.g. due to face shape or facial hair), and for higher risk environments, these have a built in powered filtration unit which draws ambient air in, filters it, and supplies it into a hood or helmet covering
  • Supplied Air respirators - for very high risk environments, these have a supply line to bring air in from an external location into a hood or helmet covering

Unsure what type you need? Consult the guides below;

Respirators selection simplified

Disposable masks selector table

Sub Categories

Disposable Respirator Masks

Disposable masks to provide respiratory protection for lengths of up to one ...more
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Fit Testing

Solutions, hoods, collars and other items for conducting fit tests on ...more
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Powered and Supplied Air Respirators

A range of respirators and supplied air solutions suitable for higher risk ...more
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Reusable Respirators and Filters

A range of half face and full face reusable respirators and the replaceable ...more
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