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Camlab has been selling electrophoresis equipment for more than 40 years. Camlab intends meet all your electrophoresis needs, regardless of whether it's a gel tank for a specific application, a gel documentation system or chemicals and buffers. Please take a look below to see the comprehensive range of electrophoresis products we now have available...

Sub Categories

Electrophoresis - other specialist methods and modular systems

This section includes modular systems, dedicated units for cellulose acetate ...more
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11 Products in range

Electrophoresis Accessories

Casting gates, combs, spacers and other general accessories and spares
Picture for category Electrophoresis Accessories
25 Products in range

Horizontal Electrophoresis

Camlab offers several types of horizontal electrophoresis tank: the two most ...more
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14 Products in range

Power supplies

Mini and maxi power systems to complete your electrophoresis systems.
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2 Products in range

Vertical electrophoresis

Scie-Plas new-style TV Range™ vertical gel electrophoresis units offer the ...more
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3 Products in range